One Giant Cricketer rules

This game is similar to a game called 'One Giant Chicken', modified to a cricketing theme

1) Everyone meets in a pub announced on the day of the social and puts £20 in a pot.

2) People draw names out of a hat to form teams. The last name in the hat dons full cricket attire (whites, pads, gloves and bat). Those who wish not to be considered for role as cricketer, can put an additional £5 into the pot.

3) The cricketer gets the pot of money, buys the assembled teams a drink, and goes to secure itself in a pub or bar within the pre-determined boundaries of play. The cricketer may not choose a venue with an entry fee or whose primary purpose is to serve food. The cricketer cannot wait for everyone to leave the initial pub, and then return to the initial pub.

4) All the teams may depart the starting pub in search for the cricketer simultaneously, after everyone has finished his or her drink.

5) The cricketer drinks through the pot of money. He/she is not allowed to tell anyone why he/she is dressed as a cricketer. The cricketer cannot buy any bottle of alcohol which costs more than £30. The cricketer must keep receipts. The cricketer cannot order food, or pay for any activity that is not drinking with the pot fund. The cricketer cannot pay for taxis with the fund.

6) The teams go in search of the cricketer. If a team checks a pub that doesn't house the cricketer, they can't move on until everyone in the team has had a drink. Peering through windows counts as checking.

7) When a team finds the cricketer, they get to join in drinking through the pot of money.

8) After 45 minutes unfound the cricketer may, at his/her discretion, begin posting hints on Facebook/Twitter/etc (@cipaitmacc). Hints may be updated at subsequent 20 minute intervals. Clues can include photos of the cricketer inside the pub of his/her choice.

9) The cricketer must be in full view in his pub of choice, and cannot hide in upstairs rooms, or in toilets. The cricketer cannot use the toilet until he/she has posted the first clue on twitter/facebook, or until he/she has been found by the first team.

2014 UPDATE - 10) Wilson's rule - The person who was last year's cricketer may exempt him or herself from selection the next year without paying a surcharge.

2015 UPDATE - 11) Spurr's rule - Each drink consumed by the teams searching for the cricketer must be at least 1 unit (no peach Schnapps...)

2016 UPDATE - 12) Shamu's rule - The cricketer cannot choose a Sam Smiths pub.

13) Heston's rule - No photos/clues may be posted by anyone apart from the cricketer.