One Giant Cricketer 2014

After the success of last year's event, the one giant cricketer was repeated. Fewer people opted out, so the odds of being chosen were certainly worth gambling on. Having said this, Justin utilised the recently added 'Wilson's Rule' to exempt himself.

The moment of truth... the cricketer is chosen
The moment of truth... the cricketer is chosen

The last two names in the hat were Al and myself, both who were previously happy to be the cricketer, but I certainly was hoping it was Al (although in retrospect, he would be a brutal cricketer given his drink selection when part of the kitty).

The last name was Andy Spurr, and I summarily changed in the back alley outside ye olde cheshire cheese on fleet street and bought a large round for the 16 others waiting outside. In the knowledge that they would all watch which way I turned out of the pub, I double-backed on myself. When doing so, I spotted a few people noticing this, so I hastilly triple-backed.

The third (impossible?) clue

I went post-haste to the Seven Stars, a pub right on the edge of the playing field, and one I thought 'too nice' to be chosen. I cemented myself at the bar and ordered a plethera of drinks, I think at the peak I had whiskey, bloody mary and a pint queued up.

It seemed that the triple-backing worked after some groaned responses to the first clue ruling out much of the East of the map. It only took one more clue before Al's team found me and (predictably) got on the champagne. The next few clues were a little harder to guess, before what I thought was a very cyrptic clue (Ziggy Stardust!?) brought the remaining teams together.

The last team that arrived was Stu's who just missed out on the last of the kitty.

A few entrepid cricketers made it onto play ping-pong until the early hours, and one even tried to go further, ending up at Heathrow T5 after falling asleep on the N9; I think I may utilise 'Wilson's Rule' next year!

Here is a map of the various teams' routes to the Cricketer (to be completed):

Rules for the game