One Giant Cricketer 2013

After the fear of being drawn out of the hat as the giant cricketer turned into sinking reality, I popped down the road to get padded-up in Jolly's flat, downed my pint for a bit of Dutch courage and then ventured out onto the streets. Knowing that Jolly would see my initial direction, and banking on him telling the rest of the teams, I headed north with the intention of doubling back around the block. It was whilst walking along a busy Clerkenwell Road that the comments, looks and jeers started, which cemented my decision to find somewhere off the beaten track and hopefully a bit quieter.

The moment of truth... the cricketer is chosen
The moment of truth... the cricketer is chosen

I headed to the Hat & Tun pub on Hatton Wall and found a table at the back of the pub. Once settled, I realised that I was in fact only about 5 minutes east of the starting pub and on the same road. However, my concerns about the choice of venue were allayed when 30 minutes had gone by without a sign of any of the hunting teams.

Editor's note: if you are wondering what this is all about, the rules of the game can be found here.

After 80 long minutes, and having posted numerous clues to my location on Twitter, some familiar and jubilant faces appeared in the pub. Keen to make the most of the cash kitty before the other teams arrived, Al from the victorious team promptly went to the bar and ordered a bottle of champagne. A couple of the other teams showed up soon after so the drinks continued to appear at a quick rate.

Ready for a big innings

Finally, after an enormous last clue, the rest of the teams arrived to help finish off the last of the kitty and to share their rather circuitous routes to the pub. Despite having to walk around London in full batting gear, it was a great evening (once people actually found me).

Given the number of drinks beaks that some teams had, I think there might have been a few nursing injuries the following morning though!

Here is a map of the various teams' routes to the Cricketer:

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Rules for the game