Results - 2023

Opponent DateResultNRR
OctopusTue 15th Aug 23Won by 69 runs3.45
Archway LadderTue 1st Aug 23Won by 4 wickets1.03
SuperstarsTue 25th Jul 23Won by 7 wickets0.20
North London PacemakersTue 18th Jul 23Won by 78 runs3.90
RefreshersTue 11th Jul 23Lost by 30 runs-1.50
CarpmaelsTue 27th Jun 23Won by 28 runs1.40
LT DinosTue 20th Jun 23Won by 52 runs2.60
Taylor WessingTue 13th Jun 23Won by 18 runs0.90
GardenersTue 6th Jun 23Lost by 6 wickets-2.04
Treasury DragonsTue 30th May 23Won by 5 wickets0.17
Archway LadderTue 23rd May 23Won by 2 wickets0.62

In 2023, CIPA ITMA CC won 9, lost 2 and had 0 matches with no result