Results - 2011-Present

Opponent DateResultNRR
Oporto CLTCSun 1st Sep 19Lost by 7 wickets4.61
Oporto CLTCSat 31st Aug 19Won by 3 wickets-6.04
The IntellectualsSun 25th Aug 19Won by 2 wickets-4.07
Archway LadderTue 13th Aug 19Won by 2 runs0.10
Bird and BirdTue 23rd Jul 19Won by 92 runs4.60
Treasury DragonsTue 16th Jul 19Won by 10 wickets1.54
ICHTue 9th Jul 19Won by 10 wickets5.36
RefreshersTue 2nd Jul 19Lost by 21 runs-1.05
CarpmaelsWed 26th Jun 19Won by 94 runs4.70
BristowsTue 28th May 19Won by 9 wickets4.90
Thomson ReutersTue 21st May 19Won by 11 runs0.55
National Cricket AcademySun 2nd Sep 18Won by 4 wickets0.85
Cricket Club SofiaSat 1st Sep 18Lost by 10 wickets-2.42
Taylor WessingTue 14th Aug 18Won by 9 wickets3.44
CarpmaelsTue 7th Aug 18Won by 34 runs1.70
SuperstarsTue 31st Jul 18Won by 18 runs0.90
Bird and BirdTue 24th Jul 18Won by 44 runs2.20
TFL DinosTue 17th Jul 18Won by 2 wickets0.61
AgricolaWed 4th Jul 18Won by 77 runs3.85
ICHTue 26th Jun 18Won by 68 runs3.40
Treasury DragonsTue 19th Jun 18Lost by 6 wickets-0.68
Archway LadderTue 12th Jun 18Won by 4 runs0.20
BristowsTue 5th Jun 18Won by 5 wickets2.39
Thomson ReutersTue 22nd May 18Won by 2 wickets0.64
The IntellectualsTue 5th Sep 17Lost by 18 runs-0.90
The IntellectualsMon 4th Sep 17Won by 26 runs1.30
Ad Hoc CCMon 14th Aug 17Lost by 11 runs-0.55
SuperstarsTue 1st Aug 17Lost by 6 wickets-0.55
Taylor WessingTue 18th Jul 17Lost by 22 runs-1.10
Commons Old BoysTue 4th Jul 17Won by 7 runs0.35
AgricolaWed 21st Jun 17Lost by 8 wickets-0.59
Thomson ReutersTue 13th Jun 17Won by 7 runs0.35
Archway LadderTue 23rd May 17Lost by 7 wickets-2.10
Treasury dragonsTue 16th May 17Lost by 35 runs-1.75
BelakrangeSun 4th Sep 16Lost by 49 runs-2.45
Skofia LokaSat 3rd Sep 16Lost by 147 runs-7.35
Bird and BirdTue 26th Jul 16Won by 8 wickets2.85
Ad Hoc CCMon 18th Jul 16Won by 7 wickets1.37
Commons Old BoysTue 5th Jul 16Lost by 6 wickets-0.32
TFL DinosTue 21st Jun 16Won by 87 runs4.35
CarpmaelsTue 7th Jun 16Won by 44 runs2.20
DLRTue 17th May 16Won by 9 wickets3.31
Vilnius University CCSun 6th Sep 15Match abandoned0.00
Vilnius CCSat 5th Sep 15Lost by 1 wicket2.14
CB&ITue 18th Aug 15Won by 8 wickets3.82
Commons Old Boys CCTue 11th Aug 15Won by 110 runs5.50
CarpmaelsTue 28th Jul 15Lost by 6 wickets-1.05
AgricolaWed 22nd Jul 15Lost by 7 wickets-0.35
TFL / DLRTue 14th Jul 15Won by 29 runs1.45
Bird and BirdTue 30th Jun 15Lost by 8 runs-0.53
Treasury dragonsTue 23rd Jun 15Lost by 58 runs-2.90
ICHTue 16th Jun 15Won by 71 runs3.55
The TreasuryThu 4th Jun 15Won by 28 runs1.40
Thomson ReutersTue 12th May 15Won by 30 runs1.50
Sir William HosteSun 7th Sep 14Won by 44 runs2.20
Sir William HosteSat 6th Sep 14Won by 64 runs1.83
DeloitteTue 5th Aug 14Won by 6 wickets1.12
The TreasuryTue 29th Jul 14Lost by 18 runs-0.90
Commons Old Boys CCWed 23rd Jul 14Won by 6 wickets1.93
Ad Hoc Outlaw CCTue 15th Jul 14Won by 1 wicket0.41
ICHTue 8th Jul 14Won by 49 runs2.45
The TreasuryThu 19th Jun 14Lost by 9 wickets-1.90
Thomson ReutersTue 10th Jun 14Won by 4 wickets0.41
FreshfieldsTue 20th May 14Lost by 12 runs-0.60
AgricolaWed 14th May 14Won by 32 runs1.60
ICHTue 20th Aug 13Won by 66 runs4.10
Taylor WessingTue 6th Aug 13Won by 10 wickets3.49
The TreasuryThu 1st Aug 13Won by 7 runs0.35
AgricolaWed 24th Jul 13Won by 45 runs2.25
Mishcon de ReyaTue 16th Jul 13Won by 7 wickets3.45
8 New SquareTue 9th Jul 13Won by 9 wickets4.42
The TreasuryTue 2nd Jul 13Won by 20 runs1.00
TFL / DLRTue 25th Jun 13Won by 43 runs2.15
Bird and BirdTue 18th Jun 13Won by 54 runs2.70
Thomson ReutersTue 11th Jun 13Lost by 8 runs-0.40
CB&ITue 21st May 13Won by 20 runs1.00
Belgrade XISun 21st Apr 13Won by 96 runs2.74
Stari GradSat 20th Apr 13Lost by 41 runs-1.17
CB&ITue 7th Aug 12Won by 7 wickets1.34
Bird and BirdTue 31st Jul 12Won by 5 wickets1.70
8 New SquareThu 26th Jul 12Won by 7 wickets5.49
CarpmaelsTue 26th Jun 12Won by 94 runs4.70
TFL/DLRThu 21st Jun 12Won by 116 runs5.80
ICHThu 31st May 12Won by 118 runs5.90
Agricola (DEFRA)Wed 16th May 12Won by 32 runs1.60
TFL/DLRTue 9th Aug 11Lost by 10 runs-0.67
ICHMon 8th Aug 11Lost by 38 runs-1.90
BristowsTue 2nd Aug 11Won by 5 wickets3.14
Bird and BirdTue 26th Jul 11Won by 9 wickets3.31
British American TobaccoTue 12th Jul 11Won by 81 runs2.10
ICHTue 5th Jul 11Match abandoned0.00
ICRTue 21st Jun 11Lost by 6 wickets-0.50
The TimesTue 14th Jun 11Won by 1 wicket0.80
Thomson ReutersTue 7th Jun 11Lost by 25 runs-1.25
CarpmaelsTue 31st May 11Won by 8 wickets2.03

From 2011-Present, CIPA ITMA CC have won 65, lost 28 and had 2 matches with no result